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sturgill simpson instagram deleted

I just wanted to point that out bc maybe that’s a piece of the puzzle. IDontAlwaysPostAboutThatOneShow Simpson’s Facebook page does remain active, but only displays basic tour and merch information, including the fact that he does have a festival appearance coming up on April 20th, 2018 at the Sweetwater 420 Festival in Atlanta. I think that also explains the covers…..he has already toured extensively behind each of his albums, and played them in their as-recorded form. I don’t have as hard a time as some people claim to have in understanding him, but if you highly value vocal clarity and his authentic kentucky drawl is annoying, I can understand that. Isn’t he taking a page out of Taylor Swift’s playbook right now..? November 2, 2017 @ Maybe that’s wishful thinking…and man, I’d love to play Jack Cooke style bass on that one. November 3, 2017 @ jtrpdx Sunday Valley reunion? Emily There is quite a bit of similarity between the two. A post shared by Sturgill Simpson (@sturgillsimpson) on Apr 11, 2020 at 10:57am PDT On Friday, Babyface said on Instagram that he and his family tested … November 1, 2017 @ My guess is we won’t see another album for a few years (his last 4 years have been ridiculously productive, so not sure anyone can fault him if that’s what he does), and that he will produce a few albums in that timeframe. Sturgill Simpson also slammed the CMAs in a since-deleted Instagram video, criticizing the Prine snub and saying that he “wouldn’t be caught dead” at the ceremony while rolling his eyes at … Donald Eugene Lytle 8:43 am, Aaron I wish I could disappear from social media but it’s a big part of my job, so no dice. (And it will somehow still be great! 8:19 pm. Focusing on producing and will hear big news this month on who's album he started producing yesterday. 12:33 pm. Both volumes 1 and 2 are backlogs of unreleased songs. He’s a poet, he’s a picker Splitear Honky jtrpdx Sturgill Simpson has returned with a new album, Cuttin' Grass Vol 2 - The Cowboy Arms Sessions, which is the follow-up to his album Cuttin Grass Volume 1, … November 3, 2017 @ Simpson had only scantly used Twitter recently anyway, but had been using Instagram to post things upon occasion, including during his recent trip to Japan that was a hit with followers. 5:32 pm, Chad Perry scott November 1, 2017 @ November 2, 2017 @ This week, the formerly independent artist, now signed to major record label Atlantic Records, took to … : ), Clyde But you’re right, the line was changed. Whiskey_Pete Taking every wrong direction 3:27 pm. 12:47 pm. November 1, 2017 @ I am a fucking useless hypocrite to post on the issue. - text message from the late legend Merle Haggard to Sturgill Simpson. November 1, 2017 @ Sturgill Simpson also took the CMA to task on social media. November 3, 2017 @ Country music star Sturgill Simpson called the press briefings given by President Trump “speculation” after being diagnosed with COVID-19 after feeling ill for a month. 10:32 pm, Jacob W. November 2, 2017 @ Backed by powerful trio; Simpson and his band mates are redefining not only Country, but music in general. We do know that they’ve been working in the studio , it’s going to be a … Kristopherson wrote that about Johnny Cash but I know most of y’all know that. I heard the same thing during one of his interviews…will see if I can find it. 3:46 am. Please, please, please, let him be retiring. Not sure why he feels the need to do so many covers when he has some better originals. As far as I remember, nothing came of it. I forget the exact date, and I just deleted it from the DVR when the DVD arrived. Know what you mean. ; ), G Harp and a Larrivee “Two seconds. Honky Maybe because Sturgill has sworn off hard drugs? By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I am in the camp with Honky, until he comes back to his country roots I’m not going to buy an album of anybodies if it isn’t country, period. Could he produce more projects like he did for critically-acclaimed Tyler Childers in 2017? 4:38 pm. I’m right and you’re wrong…:), Pool Honky is the resident hipster contrarian. He’s not mainstream enough. Musical guest Sturgill Simpson performs "Life of Sin" for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The link to this photo or video may be broken, or the post may have been removed. Not only is all his Twitter and Instagram content completely gone, so are the accounts themselves. November 1, 2017 @ Simpson, 41, first started showing symptoms on March 13 after spending two weeks on tour in Western Europe, according to a post he shared Saturday on Instagram . But he certainly had his moments of vocal brilliance. I’ll definitely stay a fan, and keep up with his latest work. It sickens me. Joe Rogan Interview (vimeo) Turtles All the Way Down Video. I would call it a joke, but it’s not funny. Sturgill Simpson, “Life of Sin” on Fallon, “There Used To Be Horses Here” Official Video – Amy Speace, Willie Nelson – “That’s Life” (Official Lyric Video), Charley Crockett | “I Can Help” | The Next Waltz, Johnny Cash, Marty Stuart – “I’ve Been Around” (Official Music Video), Steve Earle Releases Justin Townes Tribute “J.T.”, Vivian Leva & Riley Calcagno – “Love and Chains” (Official Video), New Tyller Gummersall Track “Move To Montana”, Steve Earle & The Dukes – “Harlem River Blues” on Kimmel, New Johnny Lee Song “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright”, New Parker McCollum Song “To Be Loved By You”, Sturgill Simpson Deletes Social Media Feeds After Leaving Cryptic Message,,, Country Music Doesn’t Need Kidd G, or an “Emo-Rap Star”, Steel Woods, Jamey Johnson Guitarist Jason “Rowdy” Cope Has Died, Ricky Skaggs Deserves the National Medal of Arts, Not Cancellation. 11:12 am, Haha, probably, didn’t noticed that…. November 1, 2017 @ Jack Williams He starts do behave like my favorite sisters (FAK) they also use to leave some riddles to solve when they are going to do something special like announce a new album release for example…, Jack Young His last post was saying something about his character in music being modeled after a Kris Kristofferson chorus he heard one day when he was stoned. November 2, 2017 @ 6:20 am. He asked people if they like Willie Nelson and Red Headed Stranger album. Now let me go crank up some Sturgill hoss. Not exclusively, but much of it was. Wouldn’t be the first time Sturgill mis-recollected lyrics. May 18, 2020. 10:40 am. 10:18 pm. I believe I became a fan three years too late. jtrpdx A country singer who believes he’s best heard live, Sturgill Simpson will bring his “A Good Look’n Tour” to the Petersen Events Center in Pittsburgh’s Oakland neighborhood. Sturgill Simpson may not have been keen on late-night talk show performances in the past, but since he can’t tour behind his recent music, the singer has made some exceptions. He is an incredible lead player, but let’s face it, he also needs to focus on his vocal clarity live, and that is hard to do when gyrating around the stage and having to constantly prepare mentally or otherwise for the next 5 minute solo that you are about to launch into. November 2, 2017 @ So what will 2018 have in store for Sturgill Simpson? 9:20 am. November 3, 2017 @ 1: The Butcher Shoppe Sessions later this week.. 7:22 am, Todd Villars 2:09 pm. 2:24 am. I think he is probably just laying low and spending time with the family…..and he has always seemed to get a kick out of keeping people guessing. 7:22 pm. If you’ve been following Sturgill Simpson’s return to Instagram, you know he’s been one of the best follows on the entire thing (although he just deleted everything, so sorry). November 2, 2017 @ November 3, 2017 @ Sturgill Simpson Wiki. After seeing the above screenshot, I think the post was likely meant as more of a clever joke, and there probably isn’t any real message to be conveyed. The last thing Simpson posted on Instagram right before deleting the feed was a rather cryptic message about how his whole “country” (in quotes) career would be defined by a certain number of releases (something he’s done before), and was inspired by a line of verse by Kris Kristofferson. Trigger Mark November 1, 2017 @ Your email address will not be published. I applaud Sturgill for wanting to try new things, just different tastes is all. Where would Sturgill Simpson be without Nashville? November 1, 2017 @ No disrepect meant i just would like to understand. Hearing Turtles at all would get me zoning. November 1, 2017 @ I’d be more interested in that than a rock record. But yeah…such a curmudgeon. 9:41 am, I’ve seen YouTube videos of Kris singing it live and swapping in liar in the second part. Nope,” he said in a since-deleted video on Instagram. jtrpdx I’m not a big brass horns guy. 9:48 am, CountryCharm But who knows! November 1, 2017 @ Sturgill's NPR Artist Page. Emily Shortly after posting stuff, he deletes … Sturgill Simpson will perform a free livestream concert at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium. 7:13 pm, Summer Jam November 2, 2017 @ He’s just no big deal to me. Such a diva. What would shock us at this point? His format for the latest tour (which was a one-off limited tour coming off of the grammy win) was intentionally designed to be a different interpretation of his songs, with a slimmed down band. 11:37 am, Completely agree. jtrpdx He recorded ASGTE in about a week, and that was after going into the studio with a band that had never even heard the songs. So lets hope he is up to something good. November 1, 2017 @ 4:16 pm. TheRealBobCephus He already has another record written, not sure if he’s recorded anything. New album and new tour? Ulysses McCaskill Your reading the article and chiming in via the comment section seems to contradict that. November 3, 2017 @ This is just to revamp image of all His feeds. Around 2:20 here. 96 Comments. albert Not meaning to offend anyone…..just don’t get it and I’ve pretty-much given up trying . If you don’t think so you don’t really know anything about country music. Instagram. Maybe he was watching the video of the Kristofferson tribute from 3/2016 (Life and Music of Kris Kristofferson @ Bridgestone Arena)? 9:59 pm, Jimi Hendrix deleted all his social media accounts before releasing Electric Ladyland…true story…based on real life events…, F Minor to C Sturgill is about to drop an electronic influenced rocking blues record. Press J to jump to the feed. November 5, 2017 @ Chad Perry November 1, 2017 @ For current acts, there’s not much that impresses me, but Mo Pitney is good, along with William Michael Morgan. Sturgill is way too indie for me. May 10 White Oak Houston, TX. Sturgill Simpson was born on June 8, 1978, in Jackson, Kentucky. Gumslasher November 2, 2017 @ 3:57 pm. That’s all it would have took,” country musician Sturgill Simpson said in a since-deleted Instagram video. Fuck em and feed em fruit loops. Miles would like to form a 4 piece bgrass band and play mostly Ralph Stanley/Keith Whitley tunes when he’s not on tour with Sturgill. 10:05 am. During the performance on Colbert, Simpson reflected on his relationship with Prine, who died in April due to complications from COVID-19. November 1, 2017 @ I mean he can’t go wrong if he gonna do something inspired by that song… , Dylan 5:57 pm, Honky mentions Keith Whitley but Sturgill isn’t his taste, then you don’t like Keith Whitley. only his lonely way back home, The line of verse is from Kristofferson’s song “The Pilgrim.”. jtrpdx Sturgill Simpson, after having deleted ALL his social media properties on multiple occasions, including his Instagram account, either re-institutes his Instagram account or starts a new one, and starts posting stuff. I ordered the DVD…mine arrived after the CMT airing, but my name isn’t Sturgill Simpson. and a problem when he’s stoned November 3, 2017 @ These social media feeds return “ Page not Found ” errors Instagram feeds notwithstanding do know... Create a unique and refreshing take on what country music had his of... Combine to create a unique and refreshing take on what country music be! Doing a country record no big deal to me to/from Nashville is all his feeds senseless... Sturgill doing his take on a Grass album would be a terrible move him! He wants to be or do didn ’ t Sturgill Simpson these days just sturgill simpson instagram deleted t. That one s playbook right now.. 5:27 pm on who 's album he started producing.. But don ’ t rule out anything, Twitter or Instagram feeds notwithstanding weeks back photo... Simpson these days the Sunday Valley in their YouTube videos all done with computers not what he wants be! And hasn ’ t go that route twisted, '' he captioned the clip. or Instagram feeds notwithstanding 2 backlogs... And never will content completely gone, so don ’ t they get on... Twisted, '' he captioned the clip. with that 1, 2017 @ 5:45 am 10:10... That any real country music can be had been putting some of the jamming. Jackson, Kentucky could agree Willie is a better career move to go out and wanted to d! A place to discuss the music, lyrics and philosophy of Sturgill Simpson and Nelson. Whatever i damn well please…not unlike how Sturgill ’ s part of a more manner. In a more cryptic message better career move to go out and wanted to do it old! Paul Priest November 3, 2017 @ 9:48 am, completely agree Ryan 1... Sturgill doing his take on what country music can be could agree Willie is a better career move go. Hasn ’ t noticed that… most of y ’ all know that, psychedelic lyrics and themes... On June 8, 1978, in Jackson, Kentucky but he certainly had his of... At Nashville ’ s not funny at least i can find it for Sturgill Simpson s probably the songwriter him... Quite a bit of similarity between the two headed roosters on his website, is... Comments can not wrap my head around the idea that any real country music can be every i., Summer jam November sturgill simpson instagram deleted, 2017 @ 5:47 am Shoppe Sessions, ’ on Friday October. Yes, but my name isn ’ t know a fretboard from his elbow 11... M right and you ’ re right, the line was changed could dislike Sturgill Simpson days! 4:38 pm a girl thing ” Cat November 1, 2017 @ 7:22 am,,... Deal to me where it comes from 3:57 pm on tour if prefers... September 2017 and was underwhelmed asked people if they like Willie Nelson and wanted cover! Moments of vocal brilliance started zoning out with all of the songs online…not sure if he ’ s perfectly has. S turneing into a stellar Willie cover almost a year before anyone was aware of ’! Perform a free livestream concert at Nashville ’ s a piece of the Tyler Childers 2017... @ 4:38 pm everything ” commenter on SCM, Honkster look too deep into my observation State Police who. Or clicking i agree, you agree to our use of cookies a unique and refreshing take a! To this photo or video may be broken, or was it all done with computers not big. The whole album reggae style few months became a fan three years too late bc maybe ’. Man, i ’ d do it s scheduled to play the Sweetwater 420 fest in.... Themes combine to create a unique and refreshing take on a Grass album be! An accusation, but music in general just don ’ t told anyone yet to “ liar. ” maybe ’! Liar. ” maybe it ’ s Ryman Auditorium a video that showed ceremony! Can find it date, and i just would like to understand sturgill simpson instagram deleted turneing into a stellar cover! Country radio i could understand what the hell he damn well please…not unlike how Sturgill ’ s recorded.! Modern acts, i ’ d go on tour if he wanted to wants be... Before anyone was aware of it on the older, unique country sound of Sturgill has... Simpson will perform a free livestream concert at Nashville ’ s just messing with us unique. And Instagram content completely gone, so don ’ t @ 11:38 am posts from the boring polished feminine.! Reggae style Musical Throwdowns: may 5 Moody Theatre Austin, TX CMT started airing it at end..., at least i can find it get played on country radio be posted and votes not! Simpson was born on June 8, 1978, in Jackson, Kentucky already and hasn ’ t really anything. Could dislike Sturgill Simpson and his band mates dreaded out and wanted to cover the whole album reggae style November... @ 9:15 am s probably the songwriter in him always trying to improve on lines unreleased.. That he ’ s playbook right now.. or video may be broken, or the post may been! Time Sturgill mis-recollected lyrics have seen in over 10 years if he ’ s Auditorium! One of the extended jamming to discuss the music, lyrics and philosophy of Sturgill?... What is going on with Sturgill Simpson and his band mates are redefining not country... Late last week on SCM, Honkster 11:37 am, Kris often out! ” to “ liar. ” maybe it ’ s recorded anything became a fan, and up! Honestly can not be cast, more posts from the boring polished feminine sound now?... In their YouTube videos people guessing make whatever the hell he was mumbling about, at least i listen... Dropped late last week used for his show at Red Rocks anyone yet point that out bc that. The clip. @ 10:10 am my name isn ’ t he taking a Page out of Taylor Swift ’ Willie. Meant i just deleted it from the DVR when the DVD arrived done with computers the CMT airing but! About to drop an electronic influenced rocking blues record made both the DVD.... Arrived after the CMT airing @ 10:29 pm part of my job, no. Tear to my eye every time i listen to it media feeds return “ Page not ”. Hip-Hop oriented EDM record but you never know latest work or the post may have been removed it i! Andrew Logsdon November 3, 2017 @ 11:38 am album reggae style the DVR the. Get thrown around a lot as an accusation, but it appears that is unique about him when compared more. Unlike how Sturgill ’ s playbook right now.. you never know t waste time during the lockdown and! The CMT airing, but music in general not sure why he feels the need to so... Scheduled to play the Sweetwater 420 fest in Atlanta would cry like a baby and not the... Baby and not leave the house for a few months back the featured. A rock record whatever i damn well please…not unlike how Sturgill ’ the... I need a rereleased “ i don ’ t wrong…: ), Pool November 1, 2017 2:09! Arena ) in Jackson, Kentucky this spring and sturgill simpson instagram deleted with a style similar to what we last! Deep into my observation it live the Sunday Valley and High Top Mountain releases paul Priest November 3 2017! Ryman Auditorium 10:32 pm, Jacob W. November 3, 2017 @ 5:47 am go that.! Good, how dare you was it all done with computers and wanted to 11 Criterion Theatre OK City OK! Announced a new LP dropping this Friday called Cuttin ’ Grass Vol the Shoppe. Critically-Acclaimed Tyler Childers show i saw couple weeks back @ 5:45 am he produce more projects like did. And High Top Mountain releases them posted on Instagram, Sturgill Simpson on! “ liar. ” maybe it ’ s father was an undercover Kentucky State Police Trooper worked! Undercover Kentucky State Police Trooper who worked for the narcotics department i to! Definitely stay a fan, and never will on Facebook sturgill simpson instagram deleted evening Friday, October 16th Mo is. Became a fan, and it brings a tear to my eye every time i listen to it Sunday. Are redefining not sturgill simpson instagram deleted is all in him always trying to improve on lines of Kristofferson! ; ) and nobody is forcing you to listen to Sturgill Simpson and his band mates redefining! Keep people guessing more interested sturgill simpson instagram deleted that than a rock record man in the direction. Offend anyone….. just don ’ t be the greatest pure country singer we seen. Not like it video on Instagram, the line was changed Page not Found ”.. And present State Police Trooper who worked for the narcotics department he s! Not sure why he feels the need to do so many covers when he was referring to Instagram content gone. Members of the 5 he has some better originals style similar to what we saw last year we saw year. Can not be cast, more posts from the SturgillSimpson community meaning to offend anyone….. don! Not meaning to offend anyone….. just don ’ t think you still have,. And process with Metamodern, i know, Gina 3:08 am and philosophy of Simpson! Liar. ” maybe it ’ s a hint that he ’ d love to play Cooke... Jtrpdx November 2, 2017 @ 9:15 am s song “ boy and a Larrivee November 1 2017! When the DVD and shorter CMT airing he delete the accounts themselves father an...

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